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Quilt Preparation
Preparing your quilt for quilting:
  • Backing should be 6” larger than your quilt top on all four sides (ex. if your quilt is 60” X 80”, we need your backing to be 72” x 92”) 
  • All layers should be separate (quilt top, batting, and backing) - they have to be loaded individually, so please don’t baste
  • Quilt top & backing should be pressed well so seams are nice & flat
  • Please trim the extra threads away from the back of your quilt - especially dark threads behind light fabrics
  • If your quilt has borders, measure through the center of your quilt, then cut borders to that exact measurement. (If you haven’t done it that way before, click here for a great tutorial!) If borders are sewn on and then trimmed to fit, they won’t lay flat on the longarm, and this can result in puckering and pleats. 
  • We offer several different types of Hobbs batting options, or you’re welcome to send your own. Just make sure it’s a good, quilt shop quality batting - feel free to check with us prior to sending if you’re unsure. Click the title to learn more about each of the battings we carry.
Once your quilt is prepped and ready to go, just click the button below to complete our quilting form - here you can make all your selections and let us know exactly what you want!
When your quilt arrives, we’ll send an email to let you know it’s here safe & sound, and discuss designs as well as any other questions we may have. We’ll get the quilting done, trim up your quilt and send pictures of the finished product. At this time, we’ll also email an invoice which you can pay online with PayPal, or you can pay by check or postal money order in US funds. Once your invoice is paid, we’ll get your quilt in the mail and send you the tracking info.  Click below to get started:
Quilting Order Form
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